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EDGEU Products FAQ

Can pregnant women/children use it?

EdgeU gel nail strips is a product that has been tested for stability and does not contain harmful ingredients and is safe for use.

[Pregnant woman, Children]

It is recommend for individuals with known allergies or sensitivity to gel to test the gel nails strips before complete use.

Swallowing Hazard: Keep out of reach of small children as they can swallow the gel nail strips. Children should use under adult supervision.

1. Passed common safety standards for children's products (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced).

2. Non-detection of hazardous substances component test result (KTC Korea Institute of Machinery, Electrical and Electronic Testing).

3. ISO22716 quality certification


How do I remove the gel nail strips?

In order to gently remove the gel nail strips without nail damage apply 1-2 drops of the remover serum to nails. After 5-7 seconds use the wooden stick to gently lift up the gel nails strips.


How do I store the remaining gel nail strips?

1. Put the remaining products in the white gel nail strip case and store them in a shaded place away from direct sunlight.

Edgeu gel nail strips may harden when exposed to sunlight (ultraviolet rays, UV), so be careful not to expose it to light.

2. Store the gel nail strips at room temperature, if stored in cooler temperature the gel nail strips may temporarily harden. If gel nail strips have temporarily hardened, store them in room temperature to soften the gel for continued use.

TIP1: Keep at room temperature for perfect use.

TIP2: Leftover gel nail strips can be used to mix and match with other designs or nail strip maintenance.


How to use the gel lamp?

Connect the main body of the gel lamp to the USB cable.

If you press the power button once, the lamp cure starts and automatically turns off after 1 minute.


Cure Time:

(Press the power button once to cure for 1 minute, Press and hold the power button for cure for 2 minutes.)


Do I have to bake it with a gel lamp?

Edgeu gel nail strips are made with actual liquid gel, the lamp is required to properly bake the gel nail strips.

TIP: It is recommended to cure 1-3 time with a gel lamp.

TIP: Commercial gel lamps of 6W or higher can be used to bake Edgeu gel nail strips.

※ When using a gel lamp, be careful not to expose unused gel nail strips to the light .


Can I use base gel/top gel?

Both base gel and top gel can be used together with Edgeu gel nail strips.

- Base gel: You may use a base gel with the gel nail strips, but during the removal process, the base gel may cause nail damage, so it is recommended to attach the shop gel on the bare nail.

- Top gel: Although, Edgeu gel nail strips have already been treated with the top gel, if you want to increase the durability, we recommend applying a coat over the gel nail strips.

※ Must use base/top gel products with gel nail strips for proper use.


How do I find the right size for my nails?

Edgeu gel nails contain 34 pcs in each box with 17 different nails sizes.

If you do not have the right size, gently stretch the gel nail strips to fit the size of your nail for a more perfect attachment.

TIP: When stretching the gel nail strips, remove any oil and moisture from your hands and nails so the will adhere correctly.


What is the shelf life of the product?

It is recommended to use within 3 months of opening the gel nail strips.


Can men use it too?

According to the gel nail strip sizes, men can also use it.


What if there is no lamp?

Edgeu gel nail strips are gel nail stickers that have been created with a soft texture by baking real gel layers to create an ergonomic fit on the nails.

Be sure to cure the gel nail strips with a UV LED gel lamp for the proper use. Using the gel nail strips without curing under a gel lamp will result in poor gel strip durability.

※ When using the gel lamp, be careful not to expose unused shop gel to the light.